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Contact for SHIFT-Depression Pty Ltd

For technical support email us as info at by substituting 'at' with @.

To enquire about the cost and availability of a Skype consultation go over to the website for

Dr Helen Vidler and see fees and consultations.

Please note: any emails will be responded to as soon as possible on business days Australian time. The mail box for SHIFT-Depression is not attended 24/7 and it may take up to 48hours for you to get a response.

Therefore, emailing for urgent support is not recommended.

If you're in Australia and need to talk to someone urgently about your own welfare or the welfare of someone you know, contact Lifeline on 13 11 14.

If you're feeling unsafe, you should go to your nearest hospital for immediate help or call an ambulance on 000.

Please also refer to the links page for further support with depression.

Here is a link to the SHIFT-Depression®Inventory which can be completed online here.

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Women’s Comments after using the SHIFT-Depression® Inventory

‘It stares you in the face, the reasons …why you became depressed!’

‘The questions are very clear. You go ‘Oh wow! …I’d forgotten about that (issue).’

‘Oh, I didn’t realise that was such an issue for me!’

‘That helps me understand some things now.’

‘It covers so many areas and connects things.’

‘It feels positive to think about what things could help me and gives me some direction.’

‘I feel more optimistic after focusing on what things might help to alleviate my depression.’


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